06 January 2011

Best of 2010: Princess Máxima

This week I'm picking out my favorite outfit worn by each of the royals I've covered regularly here on the blog. Join in the fun!
I'm so glad Beatrix, Máxima, and Willem-Alexander busted out their royal train and braved their way through the volcanic travel disaster to make to Queen Margrethe's birthday celebrations. If they hadn't, I would have been without one of my favorite Máxima appearances of all time:
That's right, I said of all time - not just 2010. Serious business, that. This is a lot of dress, with that busy print, but she's got a lot of personality so she can pull it off. And it's a superb match to the tiara, so double win.

Honorable Mentions
There were a lot of dishevelled appearances, and a lot of dodgy colors of tights and shoes in the Netherlands in 2010. Any nice, pulled together appearance became a candidate for an honorable mention. A ladylike appearance on royal duty, an J.Crew catalog imitation in Stockholm, and an outing with hair neatly pulled back (finally!) all made my list.

Tell me: what was your favorite Máxima outfit of 2010?
Photos: Profimedia/Svenskdam/Scanpix