14 January 2011

Flashback Friday: Leaving the Hospital in Style

Mary's leaving the hospital with her twins today! Yay. Even snarky old me has to love a snugly little baby (times 2!).

What a tricky appearance, though. I'm not a mother myself, but I can imagine that the absolute last thing you'd want to do so soon after birth is present yourself before the world's media. You're not back to your pre-pregnancy form (not even close, assuming you're human!), you're tired, and sweatpants must be carrying a far greater allure than they ever have before.

Let's see how past royal mums have handled the situation, shall we?

I think there are only two pictures in existence of my mother pregnant. Now I know why. If I ever decide to gestate a human of my own, I'll make sure to thank my lucky stars that maternity fashion's come so far in the last few decades.

Nowadays, the rules of regular fashion still apply to maternity and après-maternity wear: when in doubt, go with a flattering jacket. Seriously, how cute is Mathilde in that red number?

Here's another useful strategy for new mothers that might not want the spotlight on their fashion or their figure: apply the art of distraction. You've got a cute baby, use it! There's no reason to focus on the mother.
Here's Mary showcasing the pretty blanket strategy, Claire employing the extra fabric strategy, and Letizia going straightforward by showing off that little munchkin face. I'm far more concerned with trying to figure out how much of Claire's bundle is baby and how much is just fabric than I am with what she's wearing. (Though, for the record, Mary's appearance there with baby Isabella is my fave. No need for distraction there - such a lovely top.)

If I were a royal mum, though, I think I'd push for another strategy altogether.
Let the mother sneak quickly out and leave the parading to the new father. Pose for family photos later on, after you've had plenty of pajama relaxing time.

Who wins your prize for best dressed new mother?

Photos: Life/Getty Images/Hola