21 January 2011

Flashback Friday: Readers' Best of 2010

Here we go! Your suggestions for additions to the Best of 2010 list. Ah. This is just what I needed after a week of Worsts and bores and SHOOTIES.

Princess Mathilde
I quite like that orange plaid number. My only hesitation comes from the addition of what appears to be orange shoes and orange earrings. A little matching goes a long way, methinks.

Princess Beatrice
Excellent leg showings, both. Though I did think that first number was better standing still, rather than in action trudging through the Ascot lawn.

Princess Letizia
With the exception of that SHOOTIE appearance (or booties, or whatever you want to call them - it's all fug to me) on the end there, I'm in agreement.

Crown Princess Mary
A true abundance of options. The floral Jackie O. inspired look from the Washington, D.C. visit very nearly topped my list too. Divided opinions, though, on the orange gown (and also on that brown jumpsuit...not for me, that).

Princess Máxima
That floral Valentino is a lot of dress: not many could pull it off, but she does. Someone mentioned the bicycle riding outfit, which was also worn departing on the train for Margrethe's birthday celebrations, and that got me thinking about this super Hollywood appearance from the train's arrival in Denmark. Chic!

Crown Princess Victoria
More excellent choices, particularly the Elie Saab. I don't care for those YSL shoes in the middle, but I think I'm alone on that.

Many thanks to all that weighed in!