08 January 2011

New Top 10 List: The Worst Dressed of 2010

I have been nice all week, with these Best of 2010 posts. That's some kind of record for me, mark it on your calendars. (Note: my version of nice may vary from yours. These things are relative.) Time to snap out of it. Let's indulge in a different sort of sartorial admiration: celebration of the horrendous.

I have a new top 10 list to share: The Worst Dressed of 2010!

When I say "worst", I am not talking about the disappointments, the underwhelming efforts, or the meh moments. No, I am talking about the things that caused an actual audible reaction. Raucous laughter, gasps of horror, and the rare (but potent) "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!": this is what I'm talking about.

This past year may have had an abundance of triumphant moments, but it also had some true sartorial horror stories, and I had real difficulties narrowing this list down to just 10 spots. Rest assured, the runners up will be making the blog too.

We're counting down, starting tomorrow.

(P.S.: And get your own list of fashion nightmares ready so we can compare!)

UPDATE: Here's the full list!