16 January 2011

Top 10 Worst of 2010: #3. Bridesmaids at Nikolaos and Tatiana's Wedding

Not technically royals, no. But since they were bridesmaids, I'm going on the assumption that these dresses were chosen by Tatiana, or at the very least approved by her. So I'm counting it.

And really, how could I not:
This just does not compute. I mean, if you were going to the school dance with a bunch of your girlfriends and you decided to put on a silly show of solidarity, sure. That I would get.

But this is a wedding. A royal wedding, at that. I have to be honest, even if these were the bride's choice at a family wedding held in the Nowheresville that I hail from, I'd raise an eyebrow. And I have relatives that have been known to wear blue jeans to weddings. (Oh, how I wish I was kidding.)

Or maybe I'm just disappointed. Out of Tatiana, if I can't get something to fall in love with, I at least expect to get something high fashion. Not mall chain prom.

Photo: Getty Images/Europa Press