15 January 2011

Top 10 Worst of 2010: #4. Princess Stephanie at the Red Cross Ball

Really, any number of Stephanie appearances this year were game for this list. But I picked this one:
 Like I said about Stephanie on National Day, she always looks guilty. And she is:

Guilty of abuse of tanning supplies in the first degree.

Guilty of reusing the foil wrapped around her dinner leftovers to wrap herself.

Guilty of not one, but two serious violations of the rules of decent cleavage. (Broken rule #1: A little goes a long way. Broken rule #2: Thou shalt not squish those bad boys.)

Guilty of wearing a sartorial mullet, and wearing it the wrong way around: the business end is supposed to be in the front, with the party in the back. This is night club in the front and gala in the back.

Oh, Stephanie.