13 January 2011

Top 10 Worst of 2010: #6. Princess Letizia at a Research Center Inaguration

We've talked about Letizia's business casual wardrobe. But just when I thought she'd reached the most casual she could get...
Shorts. She wore shorts. With a dressed down jacket, button down shirt, and casual scarf. To an official engagement. Le sigh. (El sigh?)

Letizia doesn't really do the whole fairy tale thing much. She seems to tow the whole "Royals! They're just like us!" line. Okay. I don't really get that line of thinking - to me, hey, if you really are just like me why should I be interested in you? - but I'm not Spanish, so it doesn't really matter.

However: there is a line between sporting casual, affordable, public relations-friendly gear and just plain out inappropriate under-dressing. The line has been crossed, and the list has been made.

Photo: Zimbio