10 January 2011

Top 10 Worst of 2010: #9. Prince Henrik at the Royal Hunt

Let's play a game! Come on, it'll be fun.

Let's turn back time and pretend that you had yourself a hot little ticket to Victoria and Daniel's wedding. Let's also say that you got to choose who you were seated beside at the banquet (we're playing pretend here, go with it). Any two royals to be seated between. Who would you pick?

Me? If I was in the mood for gossip, I think I'd go with Madeleine and Mary. Out of pure curiosity, I might go with Letizia and Felipe just to see what that's like. If I was on the mood for...something else, I'd go with Guillaume and Félix and Carl Philip (that's three, but I can cheat because it's my game).

On the other hand, if I wanted to have the most fun night ever, I rather think I'd go with Máxima on one side and none other than the Prince Consort himself, Henrik, on the other.
I mean, if this guy can make me laugh out loud just by getting dressed in the morning, can you imagine what fun I'd have over dinner?

I admire the spirit, but that kind of fashion statement (punctuated by the fact that it is no more a costume than anything else he wears is) has to have a place on the list.

Now, pop down to the comments and play our game! I promise, it's fun. Plus, I'm nosy and I wanna know your answers.

Photos: PPE