09 January 2011

Week in Review: Catherine Middleton, 1-8 January

Here's what Catherine Middleton wore the week of 1-8 January:
  1. a. Attending the wedding of Sarah Stourton and Harry Aubrey-Fletcher, 8 January; b. the coat from Libelula; c. the dress as worn to the wedding of Peter and Autumn Phillips. I think the dress is Issa?
Well, now. See, here's the thing: she goes and wears a sheer dress that I have to think more suitable to a New Year's Eve party than to a wedding, and it's black (oh, so much black! Not another one with all the black, please!) - but then she goes and pairs a hot purple shoe with it and now my mouth is shut. Purple shoes are like my Kryptonite. She's crafty, this one.

Photos: Libuella/Hello