26 January 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 16-22 January

Here's what Crown Princess Victoria wore the week of 16-22 January:

  1.  Day 1 of her official visit to the UAE, 17 January. This is the outfit that prompted the royal court to issue a pregnancy denial (for whatever that's worth).  If you didn't want to encourage pregnancy talk, why would you wear your top like that? She knows people are watching, right? Hmm.
  2. A reception on Day 1, 17 January. Love this jacket, and this is an interesting contrast to the bump-friendly day outfit.
  3. Day 2, 18 January. This is clean and simple. I'll buy it.
  4. Day 3, first outfit, 19 January. Well, this looks familiar. Day 2 is my preference; without the fresh white color these kind of suits can age a girl.
  5. Day 3, second outfit, 19 January. Simple and casual for a visit to a national park.
  6. Day 3, third outfit, 19 January. Love it!
  7. a) Day 4, 20 January, and b) the coat from Armani. Fantastic coat, odd shoe pairing. Elegant jacquard and...reptile? 
Best and Worst of the Week
 I just love outfit #6! Great contrast between the cardigan, the texture of the skirt, and the shine of the shirt. Not a bad week, but this one shines the most for me. Outfit #1 also has some good contrast going on, but it's my worst of the week because of the Bump Factor. Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping the palace will have an announcement for us soon, I just don't see a bump elsewhere this week and wouldn't go stirring up speculation if I didn't need to. But that's just me. Where do you stand on the bump speculation situation?

On another note, check out the total lack of color this week! I think she looks good, but I'm getting a little worried about all these princesses and their neutrals. 2011 better get more colorful, and quick!

Photos: ANP/PPE/Svenskdam