15 January 2011

Week in Review: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, 1-8 January

Here's what Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore the week of 1-8 January:
  1.  Family photograph for Grand Duke Jean's 90th birthday, 5 January. This is a perfect cut and length of coat for Maria Teresa's body shape.
  2. Concert for the birthday boy, 5 January. From the pictures, it appears she wore the brown fur collared coat (or something else involving brown fur) atop this black number. Not down with the black and brown combo, but this looks like it has some potential.
  3. Birthday dinner, 6 January. A lot of brown, but not bad on the whole.
  4. Reopening a theater in Esch-sur-Alzette, 8 January. Can't find a pic of the lower half of this outfit. I'm guessing a wide leg black trouser.
Best and Worst of the Week
Not a lot of great pictures of the fashion for this week (for shame, photographers!) but I'll go with #1 as my best and #4 as my worst. It's all in the cut of the coat: a long coat makes Maria Teresa look taller, whereas the shorter black coat cuts her in half at the wrong spot.
    Photos: Cr gr ducale/RTL