15 January 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 1-8 January

Here's what Princess Letizia wore the week of 1-8 January:
  1. Attending the Pascua Military Ceremony, 6 January, a) inside and b) outside.
  2. Out with the family, 7 January.
Ah, this blue outfit. Let's chat: I have very specific likes and dislikes here. I really like the skirt, but I do not like the jacket. Something softer would be preferable, I think. If we have to have this jacket, I'd prefer it worn like last year (at the ambassador's reception):
When you close it up, suddenly the shirt underneath becomes just a random black t-shirt that doesn't make any sense. I'd also prefer last year's hair, because the wind-blown hair deal from this year looks, I don't know...anticlimactic atop this get-up. Also, dyed-to-match shoes are only acceptable in a bridesmaid sort of situation in my world. What do you think?

Photos: Eduardo Parra/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio/Vanitatas.com