04 February 2011

Flashback Friday: Máxima's Tiaras

Willem-Alexander and Máxima celebrated their wedding anniversary this week. (They were hitched on 02-02-2002 - that's one way to make sure you don't forget the date!) Since I've already sung the praises of Máxima's wedding dress, I thought I'd mark the occasion by singing the praises of my other favorite thing about Máxima: her bling.

Heaven knows I love a tiara, and among her peers, Máxima reigns supreme with the greatest variety of sparkly headgear. By my rough count, Máxima has worn 12 different tiaras. Twelve!! Let's put that in perspective, shall we? (I'm no expert, by the way. This is what's in my Swiss cheese memory, correct me in the comments.)
  • Mathilde: Only 2 tiaras - and one she wore only on her wedding day, never since. 
  • Mary: 3 tiaras - and the Midnight tiara is said not to be owned by her, or the royal family, but is rather available as a loan when she needs it. The other two of course are her ruby tiara and her tiny little wedding tiara.
  • Camilla: Also 3. One (the gigantic Delhi Durbar) has only been worn once, and another (the Shand-Cubitt tiara) is her family's tiara. Before Camilla, Diana only had use of 2 tiaras - again, one belonging to her family, and only one from the Queen.
  • Letizia: 3 tiaras worn so far, the Prussian (worn at her wedding), the shell, and the floral, with a fourth new one that hasn't been worn yet.
  • Mette-Marit: 3, the diamond daisy tiara she wore on her wedding day, the amethyst necklace tiara, and the pearl and diamond tiara she wore to Victoria's wedding. Oh, and she did wear the Vifte tiara as a necklace, I guess.
  • Victoria: Even a future Queen Regnant can't compete - V's sported a solid 8 tiaras, but most of the rest of the Swedish collection is used only by Queen Silvia. There's the Cameo (will she wear it again after the wedding day, or will it go back to the Queen only?), the 6- and 4-button tiaras, the amethyst necklace tiara, the Baden fringe, the steel cut tiara, the diamond necklace bandeau which is more like a hair ornament than a proper tiara, and her 18th birthday tiara (and that hardly counts, as it's mostly wire).
And now, here's Máxima:

  1. Mellerio Ruby Tiara
  2. Emerald Tiara, with pearls
  3. Ruby Peacock Motif Tiara
  4. Emerald Tiara
  5. Mellerio Sapphire Tiara
  6. Aquamarine Tiara
  7. Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau Tiara
  8. Diamond Festoon Tiara
  9. Pearl Button Tiara topped with Queen Emma's Diamond Stars
  10. Mellerio Sapphire Tiara, diamond setting
  11. Antique Pearl Tiara, no pearls
  12. Antique Pearl Tiara, with pearls
Plus, she wore a diamond haircomb at Victoria's pre-wedding celebration. (Did I miss any?)

Clearly, without being a Queen and having access to whatever you want, whenever you want it, Maxima's got the best deal around.  And the Netherlands has one of the best jewel collections - tons to pick from, and many of the pieces are convertible so you can switch it up. I can't wait to see what goodies she busts out for us this year!

Tell me: which one's your favorite? I'm partial to #5 and #12, myself.

Update: Tiara #13, worn during the state visit in Qatar in March 2011. This is Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara, worn frequently by Queen Beatrix and occasionally by Princess Laurentien.

Tiara #14, or #9a if you prefer, is the Pearl Button Tiara, worn for the first time with the original pearl buttons in Brunei in January 2013.

Tiara #15 is Queen Wilhelmina's Diamond Haircomb, a small piece that stayed in the vault for around a century until Máxima brought it out for Crown Princess Victoria's pre-wedding events (where she wore it at the back of her hair). She used it as a tiara in January 2013, in Singapore.