25 February 2011

Week in Review: Catherine Middleton, 20-26 February

The week's not over  yet, but we have things to discuss. So without further ado, here's what Kate wore from 20-26 February (and I shall add on if necessary):

  1.  a) Christening an RNLI lifeboat in Anglesey, 24 February, b) the fascinator, c) the SHOOTIES, and d) the coat from its 2006 appearance at Cheltenham (crafty with the re-cutting, I must say).
  2. The trip back to St. Andrews University, 25 February. Update: The suit is from Luisa Spagnoli.
  3. Signing the New Zealand earthquake condolence book, 25 February. A double outfit day already! This is Royal Prep 101: Advanced, I guess.
Best and Worst of the Week
All signs point to me hating outfit 1: I mean, it's all neutrals. And SHOOTIES. But...I kind of dig it. I can't believe I'm saying this about something including that footwear, but this is the best of the week for me. I think I've been swayed by the video from this appearance. I thought she was adorable, and I'm not a born Kate fan. Just chatty and happy to be there, none of that stiff trying-too-hard-to-be-regal thing. Also: HAIR UP! (Out of necessity, but still: victory!)

On the other hand, I should adore outfit 2, for it is RED and the belt/jacket flare is giving her pencil-thin physique some curve. Plus, she's working the timeless angle in a suit that she'll be able to recycle, Princess Anne-styles, for decades to come. But...I'm not feeling it. It's aging her too much? Turtlenecks worn like this terrify me because I can't tell if they're dickeys or not? Am I confusing you as much as I'm confusing myself?

And outfit 3, well, I don't know what she was going to wear to such an occasion (no, I do: I'd have preferred a smart navy suit) but this is alright. Except for the hair. Too much wind in one day = worst of the week.

Oh, friends, I don't know. This week is defying all my Laws of Sartorial Splendor. Do chime in and straighten me out.

Photos: Pacificcoastnews.com/Zimbio/AP/Telegraph/Getty/Daily Mail/Rex/Reuters/Daylife