16 February 2011

Week in Review: Catherine Middleton, 6-12 February

Here's what Catherine Middleton wore the week of 6-12 February:

  1. Lunching with Camilla, 9 February, a) on Kate and b) from Diane von Furstenberg.
I've heard a lot of different opinions on this, ranging from "stylish" to "OMGGTGASASAP!" (Translation: OMG get this girl a stylist ASAP! I speak fluent acronym.) Me? I'm just...bored. Criminally boring, that's my verdict: same old makeup, hair worn down again, yet another dress, yet another jacket thrown on top, same old boots. At this point, I just want to see something different. Anything different will do, even if it's total fug. Et toi, my lovelies?

Photos: Daily Mail/Ikon Pictures