14 February 2011

Week in Review: Charlene Wittstock, 6-12 February

Here's what Charlene Wittstock wore the week of 6-12 February:

  1. Giving a newspaper interview at the start of her visit to South Africa, 10 February. (All pics this week from the South Africa visit!)
  2. Race awards and fundraiser, 10 February. It's not black! Look, she's so excited, she's doing a little dance there.
  3. Special Olympics charity fundraising breakfast, 11 February. I thought this was important to view from different perspectives, so you can see the bag (which makes a cute overall look) and the lace panels on the back, too.
  4. At the opening of the Nelson Mandela Intimate Moments Exhibition, 11 February. In some pics, this looks like a jumpsuit, but here it's looking like a dress. Please, please, let it be a dress.
  5. Swimming the Midmar Mile charity event, 12 February. For once, an outfit no one can say doesn't fit her swimmer's body! Ha!
Best and Worst of the Week
So much to talk about this week, right? Topic #1: the jeans. Full disclosure, I don't like skinny jeans ever (pretty much), and I didn't like them this week. Also, how are we feeling about jeans at these "official" events? Nice compromise, considering she's not the Princess of Monaco yet and so this was a more casual visit, or too informal?

Topic #2: color! Finally! That's why the red number gets the title of Best of the Week for me, skinny jeans and all.

Topic #3: as always, dressing a swimmer's body. We always seem to come back to this, no matter what she wears. I have to say, this is where the skinny jeans fall apart for me: the lower half needs to balance the top half. This is also where the evening outfit of the week falls apart for me, and why it gets my Worst of the Week title. Well, that plus the fact that I want to hike the dress up. And for the reasons you can see clearly in the close up shot: hair (okay, Victoria's ponytails get a pass compared to this) and the bodice. Yes, that's her skin peeking through there. No thank you.

Photos: Life/Zimbio/Getty/Looklocal