06 February 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Pavlos, 23-29 January

Here's what Crown Princess Pavlos wore the week of 23-29 January:

  1. Attending the Christian Dior fashion show, 24 January.
  2. At the Chanel show, 24 January.
  3. At the Jean-Paul Gaultier show, 26 January, a) so you can see the jacket, and b) because you can't miss the scarf.
Leave it to the fashion shows to bring Marie-Chantal out of hiding! Safe, tame and elegant - a real couture lady - right up until the end, when she hits us with the scarf and flat leopard boot double whammy. Just...wow.

Photos: Profimedia/Pacificcoastnews.com/Getty Images/Pascal LeSegretain