03 February 2011

Week in Review: Princess Madeleine, 23-29 January

Here's what Princess Madeleine wore the week of 23-29 January:

  1.  Attending the Red Cross Ball at Donald Trump's house in Miami, Florida, 29 January. I just want to take the top of this and tug it down a smidge, because that bejeweled waist should be sitting in a more southern location instead of creeping up her ribcage like that. Wherever your tiniest bit is, that's where you want the bling, I say. But if I did that, we'd probably have another candidate for the Wardrobe Malfunction Hall of Fame. So, conundrum.
My favorite part of this event is that look that's plastered on Madeleine's face in place of a smile. Someone must not have properly explained to her what to expect when "classy charity event" meets "Donald Trump's palace" and "Donald Trump's hair". Welcome to America, Madde!