03 March 2011

Celebrity Style Duel: Rania vs. Reese

It's not just royal ladies that sometimes inadvertently copy each others style; sometimes celebrities get in on the mix, too.

Did you watch the Oscars? I can't handle awards shows (ugh, boring) but I do eagerly await the red carpet photos for a little high-fashion hit the next day. And this year, I couldn't help but feel a slight sense of déja vu:
Reese Witherspoon popped up in an Armani Privé gown strikingly similar to the Armani Privé worn by Queen Rania during a state visit in Italy in 2009.

Besides being a little surprised that each lady would get such similar custom gowns, I had to ask: who wore it best? Before you make your choice, consider the back views:
Rania's is bejeweled. Watch this video to see it sparkle.

Honestly, I prefer Reese. From the front, Rania's is more interesting, but from the back she's just giving off too strong of an Eighties vibe with the sparkle, and the way the white band wraps around, and that hair. Oh, the hair: so many people took issue with Reese's ponytail, but compared to Rania's mess of curls I much prefer it. Then again, I'm not averse to the odd well done ponytail.