29 March 2011

Gold Star: Grape Delights Galore

Every time I see that Laurentien has popped up at another engagement, I close my eyes and brace myself for the sartorial wonder that lies ahead. Will it be misguided rock and roll leggings? Should I grab my sunglasses, just in case she's decided to burn my retinas yet again? Do I need my tissues, in preparation for the mourning of undergarments not used? The greatest shock of all, though, comes when she actually looks good. (Which sounds terribly, horribly mean, but I can't help it. You've seen what she's capable of!) Case in point: opening a permanent exhibition at the Children's Museum in the Hague.
First of all, it's purple, which is my kryptonite. Second, this kimono silhouette is extremely flattering. (Look at her wee little waist!) Third, she wore purple shoes. Fourth, her bouquet matches her outfit. Not her doing, but still cute.
I suppose you could call this a purple overdose, but that would be against my sartorial religion. So I'm awarding her a gold star, for a refreshing purple delight.

And she's not the only one tickling my purple fancy lately. There's Crown Princess Victoria, for starters.

Princess Marie, who doesn't usually make it on my radar (her style just doesn't interest me, what can I say?) turned up in this lovely lilac suit:
Such a pretty color on her, and a great fit. Plus some kicky little swing in the skirt. Gold star!

Even Queen Sofia got in on the action, picking this lovely bright purple number and matching shoes with for lunch with the President of Ireland.
Look at that, even the President got in on the action. I don't know who sent the grape memo out to the royals, but he or she is the recipient of my heartfelt thanks. Gold stars all around!

Photos: PPE/v.d. Werf/EFE/Belga