23 March 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Monaco Rose Ball 2011

Monaco's Rose Ball usually brings us a whole array of fashion to gawk over, but that wasn't so much the case this year. The royal family bowed out due to the recent death of Princess Antoinette (Prince Rainier's sister and Prince Albert's aunt). Still, there were a few appearances worth discussing (and awarding), so let's get to it:

Most Appropriate
Andrea, Charlotte, and Pierre Casiraghi
The Casiraghi trio were sent to man the festivities in the absence of Albert, Charlene, and Caroline, and they made their mother proud. The gentlemen stuck to basic tuxes (because you can't ever go wrong with a James Bond move) and Charlotte opted for Lanvin. It's not something I would have in my closet, but it's perfect for her: sticks to her couture-without-a-care style without venturing into flashy, inappropriate territory. And she accessorized with a brooch handed down from her grandmother, Princess Grace, as the icing on the cake.

Worst Boho
Tatiana Santo Domingo
Andrea's long-time girlfriend, socialite Tatiana, has an interesting style indeed. It's a talent, really: the ability to take any piece of clothing, no matter how expensive (such as this Missoni gown), and turn it into something that looks like a thrift store find. A talent or a curse, I suppose - you be the judge.

Best Duchess of Windsor Move
Beatrice Borromeo
With Charlotte's style toned down for mourning purposes, Pierre's other half turned hers up to an animalistic level. Does that necklace not scream Wallis, Duchess of Windsor to you? That's all I can think about. Such ornamentation is typically not my drug of choice, but I find this quite intoxicating nonetheless. It's either tacky or fashionable, depending on your taste I suppose. I think she's working it.

Worst Royal Barbie
The Duchess of Castro
Here we have the Duke and Duchess of Castro, also known as the other Charles and Camilla. (Charles is one of two claimants to the head of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.) Camilla here is clearly trying to fill the fashion void left by the absence of Caroline and Charlene, to a most disastrous plastic end. Yikes.

What did you make of the showing at this year's Rose Ball?

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Zimbio/Getty Images Europe/Pool