07 March 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmm...: Letizia's Safety Pin

Let the gala dinners for 2011 begin! The President of Chile is in Spain right now, and they've rolled out the red carpet and tiaras in proper form. Our friend Letizia was all spiffed up for the occasion:
Now, when I saw these pictures, I really couldn't get past the hairdo, but reader Leslie (who clearly has better eyesight and a better attention span than I) emailed to note this: she's wearing a safety pin.

Yes, this is a frequent Letizia move: the safety pin to secure the sash.
Whereas most royal ladies get by with a single brooch to secure their sashes (in the front), Letizia often opts for two: her fleur de lys brooch and the safety pin, as you can see above and as you can see if you squint really close in the photo below (the safety pin's on her shoulder):
Of course, on some nights, she only wears one. And what I really don't understand is why she makes it the safety pin.
Especially on nights like tonight, when the sash is so substantial.

To be fair, here's a close up of the pin (or one of them, maybe she has one in silver/platinum as well?). It is indeed bejeweled:
But still. It just makes me wonder if she realizes that from far away, it doesn't appear to be a jewel; it appears to be a sewing box staple. Hmm...

And, because I must, the rest of this evening's look:
As I say, I never got past the hair. Are there hair extensions or pieces involved in there, do you think? That's just a whole lot of hair, right?

Moving on...I adore a full skirt, and I don't mind the little sleeved top either. But maybe an ensemble so simple is better suited to a sash with more interest than this one?

Oh, and also: it's been reported that Letizia has a new tiara (on which her fleur de lys brooch is supposed to be the centerpiece). Where is it? Hmm? Clearly she wasn't planning on using the brooch. Are you telling me she doesn't have the same need I do to play with my presents as soon as I receive them?

Photos: Getty/Daylife