14 March 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmm...: The Prince's Shoes

William and Kate were out for lunch on Sunday, and for once, her outfit isn't the one I want to talk about.
Can we discuss the Prince's shoes, please? Lunch at an upscale club in trainers straight off the football pitch. (Did I say that right? Is "pitch" right? I don't follow the volleyball.) Thing is, this isn't the first time he's done this to what would otherwise be a perfectly acceptable outfit.
Here we have him leaving a club, all casual and cool. I'd even call this one of his more attractive appearances, except:
See, now I just want to take a shower. And it appears to be a family affair:
Boys, boys, boys. As a Shoe Person, this pains me. And it's gotta pain Prince Charles too, right? I mean, that man's so well-groomed his pajamas are probably bespoke.

Anybody else bothered here? Or am I the only one with a shoe concern that extends this far? (Probably.)

Photos: Big Pictures/Matrix Photos/Daily Mail/Diedda Bushell/XclusivePix.com