20 March 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 6-12 March

Here's what Victoria wore from 6-12 March:

  1. Being named "Woman of the Year 2010", 7 March. Same as we saw a few weeks ago.
  2. Visit to Malmö, Day 1, 9 March. Super cute coat.
  3. Dinner on Day 1, 9 March.
  4. In Malmö, Day 2, 10 March. The coat's still cute, but I'm over it now.
  5. Day 2, 10 March, no coat. Also: SHOOTIES.
  6. Dinner at City Hall, 10 March. I think this dress is actually navy, though it looks black.
  7. Day 3 in Malmö, 11 March.
  8. Victoria's name day, 12 March.
Best and Worst of the Week
Second royal visit of the year with hardly any color in sight. For want of something bright, the red name day outfit wins the week: it's colorful and flattering. Outfit 7, on the other hand, is none of the above. Nothing really going on here.

Photos: Expressen/PurePeople/Abaca