28 March 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 20-26 March

Here's what Letizia wore from 20-26 March:

  1. Vacation in London with the family. I like the hair up and back. Why don't we get to see it like that more often?
  2. Receiving the President of Ireland, 21 March. Ah, yes! The snakeskin shoes have returned! Along with a divine red suit. Love.
  3. Attending an awards ceremony, 22 March. Interesting combo here - the ruffled dress with the tweed jacket (both repeats). I think either one would be better off on its own.
  4. Audiences at Zarzuela Palace, 23 March. Meh. Safe.
  5. Visiting the Nestle factory in Girona, 25 March. I like the scarf - pink, vibrant - but I don't get it with the suit and the shoes. It's not making sartorial sense to me.
Best and Worst of the Week
Oh, this red suit is gooood. Great color (red's Letizia's color, isn't it?), perfect fit. It's professional and formal, but the detailing on the jacket and the high waist on the skirt keep it young. And the shoes! No complaints here, none. Easily the best of the week. Outfit 4, on the other hand...well, I don't really have any complaints but I don't have anything to say either. It loses the week on the basis of boredom.

Photos: Getty/Zimbio/Daylife