13 March 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 6-12 March

Here's what Máxima wore from 6-12 March:

1. Private visit in Oman, 8 March. Sleek and chic, no complaints here.
2. Chanel jacket worn while leaving Oman, 9 March. This picture is from a previous appearance, at the United Nations in September. I mean, if I was going to splash out for something from Chanel, I'd get something a little fancier than this, something a little more unique. But I suppose Chanel isn't a splash out for this Princess, so she'll get a pass for good fit and good color.
3. Arriving for the state visit in Qatar, 9 March. Well, you know I love a lil' sparkle. Don't quite understand the baggies attached to the chest and hips, but still: this is my favorite outfit of the visit. It's all pulled together and matched and everything. Plus, in a pinch, the hat can double as a disguise for the Princess on the run.
Only a royal could pull this off, and I'll tell you why: you've got to have someone on staff solely devoted to keeping you from running into things. Otherwise, you'll have a potential diplomatic disaster on your hands.
4. Visits in Qatar, 9 March. As seen previously.
5. Dinner in Qatar, 9 March. In certain photos, I wasn't a fan, but now that I've digested it...I like it. Simple, but a great color, and statement earrings to finish it off.

6. Visits in Qatar, 10 March. Granny shoes + bug sunglasses = my pick for worst of the week.
7. Another engagement, 10 March. As seen previously. Classy headgear, I must say. And I don't mind this outfit, though it does have a maternity flair to it.
8. Concert, 10 March. Well, look at this: I whined and whined on Prinsjesdag that there were no tiaras to be had, and now Máx turns up to show me what I was missing. AND she busts out Tiara #13 to boot. Well, well. What should I complain about next, guys? It's working.
9. Leaving Qatar, 11 March. Repeating outfit 7? Really? You think she ran out of packing space due to all the hats?

Best and Worst of the Week
Like I said, the gold with the crazy hat gets my best and the bug-eyed black and cream gets my worst. You know, this was a very monochromatic visit. Pink, pink, pink. I like a bolder color scheme for Máxima, myself.

Beatrix was all over it, though:
She's somehow managed to cram a whole lot of variety in there, even though each one is really the same Beatrix outfit as always. (Would we even recognize her if she changed it up? Probably not.)

One Beatrix complaint, though: the Paisley Wonder has ridden again.
And hey, it's Sheikha Mozah! Yay! I like to think she's got icicle boots on under there or something. It's more fun that way.

What'd you make of the Dutch state visit, hmm?

Photos: Dutch Photo Press/Hola/PPE/Nieboer