14 April 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Denmark's Twin Christening

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have christened their newborn twins, and we have new outfits to discuss! Mary's back in action, and her babies finally have names: Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda. In other news, I have christened them Vinnie and JoJo.

Since it's their big day, they get the first of our awards:

Best in Wee Royal Fashion
Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine
Left to Right: Princess Josephine (in Mary's arms) and Prince Vincent (in Frederik's arms); Mary and Frederik's oldest children Princess Isabella and Prince Christian; Joachim and Marie's son Prince Henrik; Prince  Nikolai and Prince Felix (children of Joachim and ex-wife Alexandra)
Adorbs, all of them. There's nothing cuter than a kid in a suit, and Christian, Henrik, Felix and Nikolai are dapper indeed. Isabella's perfect in a dress as with as much color as her little personality. But the day belongs to the twins, and their christening gowns. I wondered how they'd handle this: the Danish royal family has one christening gown, first used in 1870 and used for Margrethe's and Frederik's christening, among others. As it turns out, they have a spare one too. Vincent wore the older gown, and Josephine wore the second gown, which belonged to Queen Ingrid and is thought to have been given to her to mark Margrethe's birth. How handy is that?

Best in Repeats
Queen Anne-Marie
L to R: Princess Benedikte, Queen Anne-Marie, Queen Margrethe
Hang on: I think all these ladies might be repeating from the same event. Sure looks like they've all brought out the outfits they wore one year ago during Queen Margrethe's 70th birthday celebrations, doesn't it? (Do you plan something like that, or is that just the psychic sister connection at work?) Margrethe's sporting the best color, the weirdest hat, and the most horrific stockings. White tights? I know it's a day to celebrate being a grandmother, but Marge: you didn't have to pull the granniest move of them all. Anne-Marie wins this one, in her subdued navy suit and pillbox with the cute little bow detail at the waist (see it clearer here).

Best of the Royal Chic
Crown Princess Mary
L to R: Princess Marie, Crown Princess Mary, Princess Nikolaos, Carina Axelsson
Not that big of a royal turnout today, which is kind of sad. But those that did turn out really turned it out sartorially, so we'll survive. Marie's looking about as chic as I've ever seen her in her beige ensemble, though I'm dying to see the red/pink dress under that coat (UPDATE: see it in the official photo here!). Tatiana's thrown together a combination of things that wouldn't work on anyone else, but I'm loving it here: she's balancing the scarf/necklace around her neck and the milliner's explosion on her head with a tame (and flattering) navy suit. Carina is similarly close to disaster, but saves it by sticking to monochrome, where the volume in her skirt can really shine. And Mary takes the prize in an ensemble that highlights that lovely brooch she wore for Christian's christening. I'm also applauding the choice of nude shoes to tie in the fascinator (yes indeed, the same one she's worn twice before) and to keep it simple and chic.

Best of the Godparent Chic
Baroness Helle Reedz-Thott
L to R: Patricia Bailey (Mary's sister and godmother of Josephine), Baroness Helle Reedz-Thott (godmother of Vincent), Caroline Heering (Mary's lady-in-waiting and godmother of Vincent)
Mary and Fred sure do have some chic friends! Mary's sister's rocking a gorgeous blue frock that appears to be another example of royals lending out their clothes: see Mary wearing it here. (This observation comes from an eagle-eyed poster at TRF.) Caroline Heering's fantastic in gray, but no one made me scurry to figure out who exactly she was quite like Baroness Helle Reedz-Thott there. May I just say: wowza!

UPDATE: See more chic godmothers in the official photo here.

Worst of the Anti-Chic
Susan Moody
L to R: Princess Camilla, Duchess of Castro and her daughters; Susan Moody (Mary's stepmother); Caroline Fleming (friend of the couple); Amber Petty (Mary's friend and bridesmaid)
Well, okay, not all their friends are so chic. Camilla's turned up to once again prove that she can play the part of Cheap Circus Ringmaster better than anyone else (and she's dragging her daughters along for the charade, poor dears). Less confusing, but still a puzzler, is Caroline Fleming. Shades of pink and prints all thrown together with dark stockings...and blue shoes? Head-scratching indeed, but not as bad as Amber Petty. Is showing up in re-purposed curtains and tea cozies from Grandma's house her idea of punishing Mary for not naming her godmother? Nothing, though, quite takes the cake like Susan Moody. (And just after I praised her stepmother-of-the-bride restraint!) In a clear attempt to take the Ringmaster title away from Camilla, she's become the Court Jester of 1986. How do you leave the house thinking this looks good? Also: THERE IS A SPIDER ON HER HEAD.

And, bonus shocker: I have no idea who this lady is (the caption says it's actor Hella Joof, which means nothing to me even after reading her Wikipedia entry), or why she attended, but...wow.

There was an evening reception as well, but it must be purely private. Pictures are still popping up, so if you catch anyone I missed, let me know!

UPDATE: A few pictures from the after party have arrived. Doesn't seem that Mary attended. Here's Marie, with a different dress, the same brooch, and SHOOTIES, argh.

Who made your best- and worst-dressed list?

Photos: PPE/ddp/langbehn/Hartmann/Profimedia/ChristinCharisius/Belga/Stella Pictures/Getty Images/Daylife/Diario Femenino/BilledBladet