24 April 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Easter 2011

Happy Easter, you little fashion bunnies. Whether you celebrate or not, we can all rejoice in the royals coming out to play after an unusually quiet royal watching week.

Let's get started in Mallorca, where the Spanish royals have commenced with their annual Easter vacation:

Best In Business
Letizia and Elena
I have a tendency to dock Leti for being a little too business-like at events like this, but today, she fit right in. In fact, she gets points for softening it up, while Elena looks stiff as can be. It's Easter, ladies! Embrace the pastel and frilly!

Best in Color
It's not easy to steal attention from some cute mini-royals, but Cristina's making a play in her oh-so-red sheath. I'm so thankful she brought some serious color to the occasion, I'm overlooking the not-so-red-hot fit on that dress.

Most Random in Floral
Here's the Queen, looking Queenly as ever, but am I the only one that feels like the florals look like last-ditch iron-on decals from the craft store added to make a regular old outfit a little more Easter-iffic?

Best in Show
Leonor and Sofia
Well, I really don't see how you couldn't name these two the best of the day. Now, this is how you do Easter.

And now, to Windsor, where the Windsors are celebrating per usual at Windsor Castle:

Best in Princess
Beatrice and Eugenie
These two spend so much time in short skirted club-hopping attire, it's just lovely to see them look like the princesses they are. I hope this is the level of appropriate we see on Friday, but if I may make one request: ditch Bea's hat and all the variations it comes in. It's been done too many times. Back to Philip Treacy for something new!

Best in Uniform
You know, this is kind of kicky, with that little cape action. But I can't shake the feeling that she might have come straight from her last round of working the beverage cart on British Airways. Or possibly from her shift at the front desk of the Holiday Inn. Perhaps the royal family is taking a personal interest in the tourism industry in advance of The Wedding?

Worst in Distraction
I must say, Sophie's been looking good lately. The longer hair, the figure...everything's been working. And she's brought it all out for show today: she looks slim in that navy frock, and those legs (and those heels!) are easily competing with the two twenty-somethings flanking her. So why, WHY, did she top the whole thing off with a dead dandelion stuck on a headband? Don't distract from the fabulous, Sophie!

Best in Show
This is also how you do Easter, if you're over the age of 5 (or 50). It's the Queen at her best; a flattering coat in a flattering color with a matching hat and a brocade to fancy it up. Pearls and a killer brooch, and the day is yours. Well played, QEII.

Who are you doling out Easter awards to?

Photos: Daylife/Reuters/AP Photo/Daily Mail/Getty Images