09 April 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Monaco's AMADE Gala

While Charlene and Albert were on duty in Ireland (more on that Monday!), the Casiraghi contingent were on charity patrol back home. The AMADE Gala was held on Thursday night and it ran me through the full gamut of my sartorial emotions, from laughter to smiles to fear. Here, I'll show you:

Best Laugh
Andrea Casiraghi
I have to tell you, this has been one loooong, rough week in OoS land. Seriously, get out your tiniest violins and play for me. Anyways, I needed a laugh. And a laugh I got:
The disarmingly charming Alpa emailed me about this event, and this is pretty much all I wrote back: "WTF ZEBRA SHOES OMG LOL." (My eloquence is stunning, isn't it?) But...you guys...WTF ZEBRA SHOES OMG LOL. They're like slippers, almost. And a three piece suit? What, is he shopping in Hugh Hefner's closet now?

(Disclaimer: yours truly owns a pair of zebra shoes. Yours truly loves zebra shoes. But yours truly is not a dude in a three piece tuxedo.)

Best Smile
Charlotte Casiraghi
No, not Charlotte's smile. (These Casiraghis aren't big on smiling for the cameras.) I'm talking about her Giambattista Valli dress. Refreshing like a sip of lemonade on a hot summer day, isn't it? I was even able to keep my smile going as I glanced down to those clodhoppers on her feet, which are surely a cute choice for a summer picnic but seem a sketchy choice for an April gala.

Most Terrifying
Tatiana Santo Domingo
She's the Ghost of Fashion Collections past; like a once-glamorous model that met a tragic end in 1928 and now haunts the gala balls she used to dazzle at, cloaked in the tattered remnants of the shapeless silhouettes to which she is forever confined. I'm scared.
None of them really smiled for the cameras, but she just seems downright angry. Look at her there, giving Charlotte the side-eye. This is just her posing face, right? Not her personality, surely? (Reminds me of this girl I used to work with  - she was a total sweetheart - but her face just naturally rested in this "I've smelled a skunk" position.) Somebody needs to link me up to a picture of her with a genuine smile on her face, because I'm really starting to develop a TSD phobia.

And The Other One
Princess Caroline
Well, she's elegant, but that's old news. A frock like this is really just a backdrop for her young ones and their shenanigans. Fortunately, it's just the refreshing palette cleanser I need after viewing Zombie Santo Domingo up there.

Photos: Hola