19 April 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmm...: Is it April 29th yet?

Well, I think it's time for April 29th to get here, because things are starting to get a little weird.
When you've reached the point where you can grab your William and Kate beer out of your William and Kate refrigerator with your William and Kate manicured hand, while wearing your William and Kate shoes...
...it may be time to move on. Clearly the souvenir people have had a little too much time to think about this.

Though maybe some of them could stand to put a little more thought into it. Hmm...

Actually, the Harry and Kate mug is worth a purchase. I could sip from it while dining on my new china:
(I may be one of the aforementioned people that should really move on for best mental health.)

Yeah, it's time for April 29th to get here. The souvenirs are out of control, and the media is clearly out of things to talk about.

We're with you, Kate. These "headlines" make us all a little more haggard. Good thing for you you're still the third most attractive royal, according to a nifty little piece of journalism brought to my attention by reader Susan, who must have sensed in her infinite wisdom that I was about to write this post.

When we reach the point where we're comparing the beauty of Princess Grace to Princess Fiona of Shrek (not kidding), it's time to stop.

Too bad April 29th won't whisk all of our problems away. I just...you guys...I can't.