21 April 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmm...: Margrethe the Birthday Girl

A few days ago, Queen Margrethe celebrated her birthday, and I thought it was a rousing fashion success.
Strong color, good fit. Total win for the 71-year-old birthday girl.

She must have agreed, because she brought it out again yesterday. And she added a few things...
World's largest neck bow? Letizia and Mette-Marit have nothing on this Queen's scarves.

Oh, and she added a hat. No, excuse me, an upturned oil funnel.
Or maybe it's a leftover party hat? A blueberry straight off the vine? The receptor for her alien sartorial communications? Oh, Marge.

This is not so much a hmm... as it is a ha! I ask you: how can you not love her? She's always good for a chuckle, so darn cheerful in her crazy clothing concoctions. Would that we were all so utterly unselfconscious! May she have many happy, nuttily attired returns.

Photos: stiften.dk