25 April 2011

Week in Review: Catherine Middleton, 17-23 April

Here's what Catherine wore from 17-23 April:

  1. Visiting the hairdresser, 19 April, in the same outfit from 9 February and the jacket again from 13 March. Do you like it better with a ponytail and a bare leg? I think I might, though I'm still not a fan of that jacket in combo with that dress.
  2. Out shopping on the King's Road, 20 April, a) on Kate, and b) from Issa. I'm no Issa fan, but this is a cute and simple LBD. Mostly I just love that she's already enacted the "never leave the house without princess-ing it up" strategy. A dress and a blowout for a quick shopping trip? Oh, yeah.

Sigh. This is the last ever "Catherine Middleton" week in review post, soon we'll have to call her something else. Pre-wedding nostalgia!

More of Kate's week, after the jump...

Thanks to nosy shop attendants and a high street chain WAY too eager to flaunt the royal patronage (seriously: Warehouse now has a "What Kate Bought" section on their website - methinks this is not how you keep the royal patronage), we have a peek into some of Kate's purchases on her high street shopping sprees this week:
These are from the aforementioned overly eager Warehouse, of course. What do we think? The two floral dresses interest me not, but I'd love to have the white top in my closet. Although, it's probably more suited to people that take frequent holidays to the Greek Isles than to me. Le sigh.

Photos: Daily Mail/Warehouse/Startracks Photo/Nick Obank/Barcroft Media