25 April 2011

Week in Review: Charlene Wittstock, 17-23 April

Here's what Charlene wore from 17-23 April:

  1. Attending the finals of the Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament, 17 April. She and Al wore matching event-specific blazers, and this is a fab way of making it feminine and summer-y without looking like a uniform. So cute, right down to the ponytail. (I didn't realize her hair was this long! She's like Kate's polar opposite when it comes to pulling the locks back.)
  2. Visiting Le Jardin Exotique, 23 April.  Alright, if we can't get bright colors, I'll take a week of prints. These polka dots are playful, and that dress looks like a lot of fun. Very classy, all in all.
Photos: PurePeople/Abaca/Profimedia