11 April 2011

Week in Review: Charlene Wittstock, 3-9 April

Here's what Charlene wore from 3-9 April:

  1. Arriving in Ireland for a state visit, 4 April. Arriving in a tailcoat, to be accurate (a). I don't mind the premise of this, but I think any attempt at a coquettish look is ruined by the bagginess of the garment. The suit underneath (b) is very well cut, but the color's a little flat for me. I mean, it's oatmeal. Of all the food colors to wear...oatmeal.
  2. Attending the official dinner, 4 April. This girl really likes her Repossi gems, doesn't she? This is a different set from what we saw at the Red Cross ball last year.
  3. At a civic reception at Dublin's City Hall, 5 April. And now this is officially the Visit of the Tailcoat.
  4. An evening reception, 5 April. Lovely shoes, but the draping here isn't quite going in the right directions.
  5. Visits on Day 3, 6 April. Chic, light and bright.
Best and Worst of the Week
Initially, I felt a little let down by the gray gown, but it grew on me. Not enough to be my best of the week, though, which goes to the light outfit from the end of the visit. There's nothing tragic this week, but the way the fabric's tugging on the navy dress makes it my worst of the week.

Overall, here's the deal: she's svelte and chic to the nines. But if all we're in for from Princess Charlene is an endless run of neutral Armani Privé ensembles, I'm out. And on that note, I shall leave you with a gratuitous engagement ring shot, just because I can:

Photos: Zimbio/Daylife/Getty Imjages/Getty Images Europe/Garreth Cattermole/Life