23 April 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 10-16 April

Here's what Mette-Marit wore from 10-16 April:

  1. Arriving in Ghana for the start of her official visit with Haakon, 12 April. Can't say I love this, but I do love seeing her in color. And this is certainly a blue explosion!
  2. Day 1 of the visit, 12 April. Repeating this lovely Scandinavian top and simple black skirt.
  3. Dinner on day 1, 12 April. Color: good. Shoes: good. Shape: missing in action.
  4. Day 2, 13 April. Possibly as simple as simple gets, but fits in with the events of the day.
  5. Evening of Day 2, 13 April. Could do without the necklace, which is more of a breastplate sort of thing.
  6. Day 3, 14 April. What a pretty dress. Am dying for her to lose the cardi and let it shine.
Interesting accessories and details this week:

A lot of neutral outfits, but she's added pops of color with some turquoise jewelry, and a cheery yellow purse. And of course they act as great backgrounds for the officially provided accessories. A couple pairs of flats, one homelier than the other, and two interesting braids (again, one homelier than the other). The only place where the accessories fall completely flat is the addition of the necklace to outfit 5 (which looks like a part of the dress but isn't, see here). Too much, and an inexplicable combination with the gold earrings.

Best and Worst of the Week
I'm just happy to see dear Mette-Marit, I feel like she's been quite incognito so far this year. I like the fit of 5, but the necklace ruins it for me. So I'll go 6, for the love of color. And despite the fact that I love a color explosion, 1 is my worst. The red belt trim is just not flattering, and the ponytail's mighty plain. And you?

UPDATE: One more outfit, at the Mali AIDS Summit.

Photos: Svenskdam/Hola/Scanpix/StellaPictures/Kongehuset.no/Lise Aserud