19 April 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 10-16 April

Here's what Letizia wore from 10-16 April:

  1. Arriving in Jerusalem at the start of an official visit to Israel and Palestine, 11 April. I'm torn. Two things I love: a crisp and professional white suit, and hot shoes. But...they don't go together. The suit's better for the occasion...but you know how I feel about shoes. Oh, conflict.
  2. At the welcome reception on the evening of Day 1, 11 April. Pretty dress and a little something different with the hair. I'll give it a passing grade!
  3. a) Visiting the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and b) arriving in Amman with added scarf, 12 April.12 April. Like the color, dubious on the stripes.
  4. At the Martyr Memorial Museum in Jordan, 13 April. Are the sleeves supposed to have that little flair that looks like they're just half pushed up, or are they actually just half pushed up and stuck there?
  5. Lunch with the King and Queen of Jordan and visiting a university, 13 April. Kind of like a pink version of that gray dress that I like, minus some frills. I wish the shoes were nude instead of an exact match, but that's a great color on a great dress.
  6. Last day in Jordan, 14 April. An oft-repeated outfit that I haven't changed my opinion on.
Best and Worst of the Week
It was a toss up between the evening dress and the new pink dress, but in the end the fancy hair and Jimmy Choos won out for best of the week. Worst was the navy suit, mostly because she's worn it so much in the past.

And we can't forget about Queen Rania:
I'm in from the knees to the shoulders. Don't get the opaque stockings or the two-tone pinkish shoes, and am terribly distracted by the hair. Not as sleek as usual for Rania, but very much a modern Queen, and that's a fact I can't complain about.

Photos: DiarioFeminino/Reuters/Getty Images/Daylife/Zimbio/Scanpix