04 April 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 27 March - 2 April

Here's what Letizia wore from 27 March - 2 April:

  1. Welcoming Charles and Camilla for their official visit to Spain, 30 March. The gray coat is back, and she's shaking it up with a different dress underneath (the actual matching dress this time) and a bare leg. See, I don't mind the repeating so much when you shake it up a little bit (even just a tiny bit).
  2. Gala dinner for Charles and Camilla, 30 March. It's red (which we love), it's a full skirt (which I love), and the hair's fantastic. So why don't I love this one fully and completely?
  3. Visiting a guide dog center with Camilla and then lunch with C & C and the King and Queen, 31 March. The dress of indeterminate color returns, and we can see that it is actually red. Very much enjoying the shoe change - give those platform pumps a rest!
  4. At the opening ceremony of a young entrepreneur's congress, 1 April. Looks like somebody's ready for summer, rocking a white suit already! Can't argue with that.
Best and Worst of the Week
Hmm. I like both of the red appearances (naturally), and I feel like I should be head over heels for the Lorenzo Caprile, but I'm not. Just too much going on there for my tastes - the texture on the skirt and the bodice are competing for my visual attention. (Best hair of the week, for sure, to be fair.) Nothing's really bad this week, either; can't complain about the gray or the white. How about you?

Photos: Zimbio/Getty/Terra/Profimedia