12 April 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 3-9 April

Here's what Letizia wore from 3-9 April:

  1. Family outing to the zoo with the Queen, Felipe, Sofia (a) and Leonor (b). Let us pause for the cuteness, and for me to figure out if I can get Sofia's shoes in my size. Now, on to Leti: the whole trousers half out of the boots thing would drive me nuts, but it's otherwise pretty cute zoo safari gear.
  2. Opening the "Spainskills" vocational training exhibition in Madrid, 4 April. This is one of those outfits that's just there, if you know what I mean. Just...brown.
  3. Visiting the Mango factory, 7 April, a) on Letizia and b) from Mango. The Mango factory!! It's like the mother ship has called her home! And she dressed up all special for it too, and I am all aflutter. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. The dress is so cute, that whole mod flair it's got going on is to die for. The color is so pretty on her, and it's so fresh and summery. And the shoes! I love a nude heel. It's like adding an extra 4 inches to your legs, free of charge. Who could argue with that?

Best of the Week
Well, my worst of the week would be #2, but I'm done looking at pictures of that. Let's look at more pictures of the pretty pink instead, okay? More things I'm loving here: the hair (parted over to the side, very flattering this way) and the blush. I like the clutch too, though I would have brought some giant Mary Poppins bag along so I could pilfer as much as humanly possible. (I suppose it's good to know she doesn't possess a mind as criminal as my own.) I thought since I don't usually gush about Letizia, I'd just go way, way overboard this week, how's that?

Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images/Zimbio/Diario Feminino