10 April 2011

Week in Review: Princess Madeleine, 3-9 April

Here's what Madeleine wore from 3-9 April:

  1. At church in Florida with the Queen, 3 April. Once again, I think she's done a brilliant job picking for the occasion. Queen Silvia's looking lovely as ever, too.
  2. Attending the 2011 Health & Human Rights Awards in New York City, 5 April, a) on Madde and b) from Marchesa. Well, the ribbon section of the fabric store claimed her mother, and now the thread remnants section has taken Madeleine as its victim. There's so much going on here, and in the close up pictures it's hard to tell if the top is showcasing her bra or just another piece of ornamentation, but I actually like the overall effect. Kinda flirty and cute, precisely what a young girl in NYC should rock.
And the Queen was at the awards, too, elegant despite a brace on her leg.
She fell over because of some situation involving an unwelcome photographer. Good grief. She's a trooper for still showing up the event, though.

Photos: Zimbio/Svenskdam/Style.com