14 April 2011

Week in Review: Princess Mathilde, 3-9 April

Here's what Mathilde wore from 3-9 April:

  1.  Meeting with businesswomen on the 2nd day of her economic mission to Russia with Prince Philippe, 4 April.
  2. Visits on Day 3, 5 April. Very Russian-looking.
  3. Evening reception on Day 3, 5 April. Eh, NATAN. Typical.
  4. Visiting a children's home in Moscow, 6 April. Not bad, this.
  5. Lunch with Russian women and a museum visit, 7 April. This is cute, this black and white number.
  6. Attending a piano concert in the evening, 7 April. Purple, well, you know how I feel about that. Would have opted for a little less action in the fabric bunching and coordinating shoes rather than matching ones, though.
  7. Visiting a charitable foundation on the last day of the visit, 8 April. Very typical Mathilde, but it works for her.
Best and Worst of the Week
Outfit 2 is nice and warm and very appropriate for the location. It reminds me of what she wore to the Eucharist Mass, and it's my best of the week for her. My worst, on the other hand, is the first outfit: I liked it when she was seated, but standing up...
Well, it's just wrong to let a garment do that to you. Shame on that dress.

Photos: hln.be/Belga/Scanpix