18 April 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 10-16 April

Here's what Máxima wore from 10-16 April:

1. Princess Ariane's first day of school, 11 April. I much prefer the kicky boots on any of the girls to Máxima's over-the-knee NATAN affairs. Too much, especially with the print, and the Run DMC necklace.
2. The welcoming ceremony during the first day of the state visit to Germany, 12 April, a) the beautiful purple dress on it's own and b) with the shawl, which ties in the pink hat and shoes perfectly. Fantastic. Just...love.
3. A second outfit for Day 1 of the visit, 12 April. This repeated outfit I could do without. The top looks as though she accidentally shrunk it in the wash. And the hat...well, it takes a lot of woman to wear horns without supporting your local sports mascot.

4. State banquet, 12 April. By all accounts, I should love this repeated gown. I mean, hello, drama. But instead I think it's just a wannabe maternity gown with Christmas garland for trim.
5. Day 2, 13 April, a) on Máxima, and b) from Valentino. I was wondering which one of our Valentino lovers would break into this collection first, because there's a lot there that could look like a little girl's party wardrobe from 1976. I think she handled it well; it's a fun dress, just like the wearer.
6. Attending the circus on Day 3, 13 April. Ah, bliss! This is perfect princess gear.

7. At a performance of the Dutch Royal Concert Orchestra in Berlin, 13 April. Hey, it's a dress AND a canvas for some delicious emeralds! Win.
8. a) Day 3, in Dresden, 14 April. Look, the World Cup suit comes with its very own smushed disco ball hat. I still like the suit, but that's a giant no on the headgear. We also get to see now the ornamentation (b) which may have been added straight from the hardware store. Crafty.
9. Day 4, in Essen, 15 April. Elegant in beige, but a bird flew right into the side of her head.
10. Day 4, second outfit, 15 April. And a pink turban (which is one of those things that I think only Máx could pull off) ends a fantastic state visit. Definitely making up for the other visits so far this year that didn't live up to my expectations!

Best and Worst of the Week
Oh, but what a good week! After the state visit got rolling, that is. Outfit 1 is my worst by far. Outfit 2, on the other hand, is divine. A lot of candidates for best this week, but the unique combo of pink and purple wins it for me.

Now, we can't leave a state visit without giving Beatrix some love:
(click the picture to enlarge, as always)
I'm a fan of the first blue outfit on arrival - yay for a belt that gives Bea some shape! - and I find myself surprisingly a fan of the second evening gown, which looks a little bit like another paisley wonder but is luxurious enough to pull it off. I am not a fan, on the other hand, of the first evening gown at the state banquet, which is trying to be a flamenco dress but is not succeeding. (It's not Spain, it's Germany, Bea!)

I am a fan of the bling, though: Beatrix in the Württemberg Ornate Pearl and Máxima in the Diamond Bandeau. One big, one small, both delicious.
Best part of a state visit: gratuitous tiara shots.

Now, you: favorites? Least favorites?

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Dutch Photo Press/Reuters/AP Photo