07 April 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 27 March - 2 April

Here's what Máxima wore from 27 March - 2 April:

  1. Arriving in Vietnam for an official visit, 28 March, and a) back view. This is a NATAN coat and Fabienne Delvigne hat. In fact, basically everything this week is that combo. This dress/coat thing looks...well, amateur is the best I can come up with: trying awfully hard, but just not quite quality. Mainly I'm distracted by the hair. I love a fancy ponytail, but there's fake hair at play here. And unless we're creating a nest for a major tiara, I can't get down with that.
  2. Dinner the first night, 28 March. NATAN blouse (shapeless) and wide trousers (shapeless).
  3. Second day in Vietnam, 29 March. Now, this is more like it.
  4. Day 3 at the People's Committee, 30 March....okay. Flattering dress, but...no.
  5. a) Day 3 visiting some Dutch companies, 30 March, and b) donning an especially unflattering safety suit. Pretty good, all things considered, no?
  6. Networking dinner, 30 March. Why no evening dresses this trip? This is just a whole lot of beige.
  7. Day 4, 31 March. Matchy-matchy orange...no thank you.
Best and Worst of the Week
I'm afraid this wasn't such a good week for Máx; the worst has to be the neon yellow number from outfit 4. The cut of the dress may be flattering, but check out the accessories, which might as well be a loan from one of her daughters. And the back...listen. I don't mean to sound like the old biddy who can't believe the kids these days and their short shorts, but spaghetti straps? For an official function? Should have put on the cardigan and kept it there. Maybe I just don't like it because it makes me feel like a grandma to complain about it. (I'm not. I'm young, and fresh like a daisy.) And maybe I just like the white outfit more because it gives me less to complain about. I'm not wild about the snakeskin with this dress, and I'm not wild about the hair, but I'll take it over anything else this week.

And you? Are you happy with this Vietnam showing?

Photos: PPE/Dutch Photo Press