06 May 2011

Flashback Friday: Mabel at Koninginnedag

All things considered, Princess Mabel was pretty tame at this year's Queen's Day celebrations. Odd, but tame. I had to go back in time for a little comparison: just how much of her particular brand of crazy does Mabel bring to Koninginnedag each year?

Mabel made her first appearance on what was essentially Queen's Day: A Very Special Episode, as it was also a celebration of Queen Beatrix's Silver Jubilee. I don't mind the zebra-esque suit, but the hat is most unfortunate.

Aw, well, there's no knocking cute maternity fashion, even when it does include giant neck flowers. Besides, I like the shoes.

Interesting sunglasses, but all in all, not a bad outfit for doing the Egyptian in. The Bangles would be proud.

 So basic, so sane, so completely un-Mabel! But never fear, you haven't seen the shoes yet.
Without a bit of the court jester, you just wouldn't be able to recognize her. Oh, and she owns these bad boys in pink too.

At first glance, it looks like birds, this print, to which I thought: this dress is Tippi Hedren's worst nightmare. But it turns out it's leaves and vines, so I'll rephrase: this dress is a gardening granny's worst nightmare. And mine too: how dowdy can you get? Dowdy and half inside out.

NOW we're talking! Princess J.Lo.'s in the house. Look how pumped she is about her wrinkled Wal-Mart jumpsuit and heels stolen from one of the Olsen twins.

Oh, Mabel. Gotta love her. I'm a little disappointed in these showings. At least, at her nuttiest, she's good for a laugh. Let's hope she brings her nutty to full display for Koninginnedag 2012; I felt a little let down this time around.

Do you have a favorite Mabel Queen's Day outfit?

Photos: ANP/PPE/Getty Images