23 May 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: The Chelsea Flower Show

Lordy, the royals do love their assorted flora and fauna. Just look at how they've turned out for the opening of the Chelsea Flower Show, from those on their A game to those on their WTF game...

Most Typical
Princess Michael of Kent
What can you say about this? It's Princess Michael. This is how she rolls. And this is all we can see. Moving on...

Almost Best
The Countess of Wessex
In smaller pictures, I liked this for Sophie. But enlarge it a bit, and I can't quite agree with the cut of the jacket and the way it's dissecting her lovely floral dress. So close to fantastic.

Best in Duchess
The Duchess of Cornwall
What on earth do I mean by "Best in Duchess," you ask? A valid question. I rarely understand what I'm talking about myself, but I'll give it a go: this is nearing a personal best for Camilla. Fantastically fitted suit, luscious color, great accessories. Best in Duchess, see?

Best in Show
Princess Beatrice
My first thought: Damn! Bea's looking good. If we could get her to dress like this all the time, I'd have a girl crush on her the size of my Sheikha Mozah love. (Well, not quite as big. Because, you know, no diamonds.) So fantastic, this Roland Mouret sheath.

Best WTF Moment
Queen Elizabeth
WHOA. Just a day after I give her a Gold Star, the Queen turns up with some stripper's gimmicky knickers upturned on her head, like the next day remainders of lunch-lady-palooza. What is the point of this?

Who made your best in show list at the Chelsea Flower Show? And would you like to try explaining the Queen's headgear to me?

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images