02 May 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Koninginnedag 2011

As much as I love watching a good ol' royal event, there are so many that you couldn't pay me to actually take part in. Standing perfectly still, straight as a stick, with no smiling allowed? No thank you. There are loads that I'd love to partake in, though, and in addition to anything falling in the tiara category, Koninginnedag, or Queen's Day, in the Netherlands is at the top of the list. For those unfamiliar: this is Queen Beatrix's official birthday (much like Queen Elizabeth, she gets two). Each year she and her family visit different cities and partake in the open air festivities and flea markets that the celebration is known for.

And they have a rockin' good time, right, Princesses Marilène and Anita?
That's right. Even Queen Beatrix and her sister Princess Margriet can't help themselves.
The fun is contagious! And so are the fashions...

Best in Hats
Queen Beatrix
Left to Right: Princess Laurentien, Queen Beatrix, Princess Margriet
Some treat this like a proper hatted event, some don't. Among those that did this year, Laurentien came up with the strangest combo: trousers and a fancy hat. Short trousers, to be exact. Also riding the Pepto Bismol train was Margriet, who fared better with her cute little feathered deal, but I find her shoes questionable. So the crown goes to Beatrix, for doing her Beatrix thing. Besides, you pretty much have to give the Queen some credit on Queen's Day, don't you?

Best in Accessories
Princess Annette
L to R: Princess Máxima, Princess Anita, Princess Annette, Princess Aimée
No hat? No problem. Máx went the floral route, while Anita threw a tiny little beaded flower in the mix. Aimée wore a lovely pair of earrings, but the best has to be Annette. Orange earrings, orange coat, orange holiday. Plus, how pretty does she look? Looking good in orange must be a prerequisite for marrying into this family.

Best in van Vollenhoven
Princess Aimée
L to R: Princess Marilène, Princess Anita, Princess Aimée, Princess Annette
Princess Margriet and her husband Pieter van Vollenhoven had a clan of four boys, and now they have a clan of four Princess daughters-in-law. Belted dresses fare better in living color on Marilène than they do in boring beige on Anita. The aforementioned Annette went very casual in her trousers and sandals, but I do enjoy her orange. The best, though, has to be super cute Aimée and her gorgeous printed coat. Not too casual, not too stiff, and an instant eye-catcher.

Best in Potential Trouble
Princess Mabel
L to R: Princess Máxima, Princess Mabel
Máxima wore this diaphanous purple dress that reminded me of Mary's second christening dress and that Liesl dress that you know I love (and the Sound of Music references that I can't seem to get enough of), but it concerned me. So floaty! Such a windy day! Such a disaster waiting to happen! She seems to have been spared that from the photos, so I'll focus on Mabel instead. At first glance, she looks quite normal. Overly winter-esque, but not too nuts. (This is Mabel we're talking about, remember. If you're new to the Dutch princesses, here's what you need to know: she crazy. Gather your frame of reference.) But then I saw that last shot. Good for her for playing volleyball gamely. Also probably good for her that the photographer wasn't at a different angle. The last thing we need is the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions on our hands.

Who makes your Queen's Day best dressed list?

Photos: PPE/v.d.Werf/Nieboer/ANP/Robin Utrecht