01 May 2011

Royal & Non-Royal Fashion Awards: The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's Evening Wedding Party

After the wedding, the lunch and a "time of reflection" for the bride and groom at Clarence House (which the talking heads on the broadcast I watched were quick to toss innuendo at), it was time to party. A très exclusive evening bash at Buckingham Palace was hosted by Charles and orchestrated by Harry and The Pips, and lasted well into the morning hours. And you know what that means...more fashion to judge. Let's go:

Best in Hair
Zara Phillips
Top, left to right: Zara Phillips with Mike Tindall, Princess Anne with Tim Laurence
Bottom, left to right: the three eldest Spencer sisters with their brother Viscount Althorp, Lady Sarah McCorquodale (and is that her daughter Emily behind her?)
Being a private party, photos were limited to guests coming and going. Endless questions about what gowns they wore will never be answered. So, hair evaluation it is. Princess Anne and Lady Sarah may win in the bling department, but their hair is nothing to chat about. In the young and blonde category, Zara's sleek updo wins out over the assorted peroxide Spencers. Her hair throughout the wedding festivities has been excellent; I hope this was a trial go for the hairdresser she'll use for her wedding.

Best in Questionable Gowns
Chelsy Davy
L to R: Princess Beatrice in purple Marchesa, Chelsy Davy in blue Alberta Ferretti
Even among the guests that we did get full-length shots of, I still have some questions. For example: WHAT is happening with Bea's dress in that second picture? Should we just be glad those kicks don't have toilet paper stuck to them? (I do love the shoes, though. Good for her for not pretending like a day in 4 inch heels doesn't take a toll.) I also question Chelsy's second Alberta Ferretti concoction of the day. The sketch looks great, but so did the sketch for her teal number, and we all saw what happened there. Nevertheless, I'll give it a prize. Awarded for sheer potential, I guess.

Best of the Rest
Pippa Middleton
 L to R: Princess Eugenie, Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cornwall, Carole Middleton, Rose Ruck Keene, Olivia Hunt, Lady Rose Astor
Eugenie's looking fab in another great shape which must be Westwood. Camilla stuck with the same designer for the whole affair as well, and Anna Valentine certainly suits her - but this is a repeat. Out of funds for more new clothes? Mrs. M.'s showing off that diet she was supposedly on in her Diane von Furstenberg, but I do love her hair up. Of the last three friends, Olivia Hunt is my favorite in a true red carpet gown, Lady Rose Astor's doing some sort of updated flapper thing, and Rose Ruck Keene's...fine. It's The Pips that takes my  prize, as she plunges low yet again in another step on her quest for world domination. A perfect example of the prettiness that is so uniquely Temperley.

One last attendee, in a category all his own:
The Party Prince himself, working the open tuxedo look. You're welcome.

And in other party news...
Pavlos and Marie-Chantal hosted a party for some of those that didn't warrant an invite to the exclusive Buck House bash. Among the attendees were Victoria and Daniel and Katherine and Alexander.
Victoria's so cute. I love the little mod shirt dress. Still don't like the YSL shoes, but with this dress, they work.

UPDATE: More attendees at the other after party at Pavlos and M-C's casa - Anne-Marie and Constantine and Prince and Princess Michael.

Who makes your list of favorites? And how long do you think it will be until The Pips achieves full world domination?

Photos: Getty Images/Daylife/Aftonbladet/Big Picture Photo/Daily Mail/Splash/Isopix