23 May 2011

Week in Review: Charlene Wittstock, 15-21 May

Here's what Charlene wore from 15-21 May:

  1. Attending the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit during the Cannes Film Festival, 19 May, in Armani Privé. I know some of you are about to go on a too skinny/shoulders too large rant, but I tell you this: Karl Lagerfeld was at this shindig. I would have shown up using whatever tactics I have to make my waist look teensy too. I really think she looks lovely and classy.
Also this week, German television aired an interview with Al and Char in which we got to see what that polka dot dress looks like, sans coat: see it here.

UPDATE: I forgot one! Many thanks to Royalty Online for straightening me out. Charlene attended an event for jewels created by Angelina Jolie (random) and Robert Procop at a gallery in Monaco, 18 May.
Rawr! Char goes jungle. Now I wish I was on holiday somewhere balmy. Not that I don't always wish that, but now it's worse. Thanks a lot, Wittstock.

But back to the party. Look who else showed up:
Charlotte's wearing her second twee and rather girlish outfit of the year, vintage Chanel Haute Couture from 2002. (Sidebar: anybody else get unreasonably ticked when things made well within your memory span get titled "vintage"? I mean...STOP MAKING ME FEEL OLD.) The whole black shoes with a pale pink/nude dress thing is quite the faux pas I think, but it wouldn't be Charlotte without a little casual "yoohoo, I just threw on my couture, whatever" steeze.

The Prince and Princess of Venice and Piedmont, Emanuele Filiberto and Clotilde, showed up as well:
Well...okay. He looks good. {end of comments on that}

And last, the disgraced Duchess of York wrangled herself an invite in the company of royals:
There's nothing wrong with this dress, which tells me that everything else I have to say here is a comment on the lady herself and not the clothes. Which is precisely the kind of comment I ask you to avoid. Thus, my trap shall remain shut.

Who was your best dressed royal at the amfAR gala?

Photos: Daylife/Getty/Reuters