17 May 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 8-14 May

Here's what Mary wore from 8-14 May:

  1. At the 2011 Årest Reumert Awards, 8 May, a) on Mary and b) from Prada. Not a fan of this, and I'm not sure why...don't like the large scale of the lace, maybe? Or maybe that's just my predisposition to dislike Prada showing through.
  2. Buying Isabella a new bike, 10 May.
  3. State dinner for the South Korean President's state visit, 11 May, a) on Mary and b) from Malene Birger. Tremendously plain dress, but I like it for a princess. Nice and appropriate.
  4. Celebrating their wedding anniversary out to dinner, 14 May. No heels?? Say what??
Now, since we have a state visit, there's more fun to be had! Mary was a no-show for the arrival ceremony, but we did get fashions from these lovely ladies:
Marie's repeating the dress she wore to christen Henrik. (Little Henrik, her son. Not big Henrik, though that visual is pure comedy.) I think this is one of her best appearances: youthful, yet put together. Margrethe's got her racing stripes on, so it's not like there was major competition. Bonus points to all the ladies for team outfit coordination.

And on to the non-Mary gowns at the gala dinner:
Margrethe's very Margrethe-y, per her usual. Benedikte's repeating the nightie we last saw at MII's birthday celebrations, and Marie's very Marie-y, per usual, by which I mean she's worn another evening gown better suited to a starlet on the red carpet, or a teen at prom on a budget in this case. I just don't think this is doing our Marie any favors.

It's a full-on gala, so you know what that means: gratuitious bling time!
Margrethe's pulled an unusual piece out of the vaults, her turquoise bandeau. (And she's pulled a page out of Queen Sonja's book, wearing whatever colors she pleases with it.) Benedikte's wearing her star tiara, with a rather disturbing Farrah Fawcett sort of do (note to B.: you simply must have more hair than this to try that look out, dear). Marie's in her usual (only) tiara. And Mary's changed her wedding tiara! Can you smell the Tiara Thursday coming? It will be, so you consider this until then. Contemplate. Ruminate. Do other things that rhyme. Consider it your homework.

And one last event, a reception on Thursday. Once again, Mary is nowhere to be found, so in her absence:
More pink for Marg, and a very coordinated and classy look for her sister B. Marie's got an LBD with a little rosette detail all around to bottom and up the back. It's almost like she's stepped it up a bit in Mary's absence (same at the arrival ceremony). I might find this twee on anyone else, but it goes with her smile.

Who's your best-dressed lady from the South Korean state visit?

Photos: Ekstra Bladet/BilledBladet/PPE/Nieboer