23 May 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 15-21 May

Here's what Victoria wore from 15-21 May:

  1. Speaking at the opening of the Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability, 17 May. Here's a full length view from a previous outing.
  2. Arriving in Ockelbo (Daniel's home) for their three day visit, 19 May.
  3. Dinner at Gavle Palace, 19 May, a) on Victoria and b) from Escada. We have this one in navy, and the long version in red...wow, when she likes something, she goes all out, doesn't she?
  4. More engagements, 20 May, with YSL shoes and Malene Birger bag (Victoria often goes with Birger for bags).
  5. Reception in Ockelbo, 20 May. The traditional outfits were a wedding gift.
  6. Last day in Ockelbo, 21 May. Ah, a repeat from the glorious stylist days before the wedding. Nostalgia!
Best and Worst of the Week
Let's start with the worst. Outfit 2...well, it looks like something Queen Elizabeth would have worn in at Victoria's age, sensible lady that she is. Which is fine. For 1956. I'm no fan of that H&M dress from outfit 4, but at least it's youthful! The Alberta Ferretti is also a rather mature look, but it gets my best anyways because I'm still clinging to the notion that she might make a triumphant return to her pre-wedding style one of these days. A girl can dream.

Photos: PPE/Svenskdam/ANP/PurePeople/Abaca