31 May 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 22-28 May

Here's what Victoria wore from 22-28 May:

1. Day 1 of the official visit to Germany with Daniel, 24 May. This is cute and fun - thumbs up.
2. Dinner on Day 1, 24 May. Compared to the other dresses in this row, this one is my least favorite. Just a lot of stuff going on here with all the ruching and big jewelry and such.
3. a) Day 2, 25 May, and b) from Escada. Another Escada thumbs up from me - feminine, all around loveliness.
4. Day 2 again, 25 May. I should probably give out the same crap I usually do to the likes of Mathilde for all the matching accessories, but I won't. Because those shoes are fierce, and that dress is perfect.

5. a) Day 3, 26 May, and b) from Lanvin. Here's the thing about snakeskin print: a little goes a long way. Shoes AND a dress? No. (Also, I don't know, was this really the best choice for a visit to the Holocaust Memorial?)
6. a) Dinner at the Swedish embassy on Day 3, 26 May, and b) from Escada. I miss the pretty hair-down situation from when she wore this back in August.
7. Day 4, 27 May. Loving the dress, and loving the idea of adding a belt...just not loving this belt. Looks a little cheap-o to me, the way it stands apart from the dress.

Best and Worst of the Week
Surprisingly difficult to pick a best this week! I liked both of the pink Escadas, but in the end the fit and the jewel tone blue won the week for me. It wasn't at all hard, on the other hand, to pick a worst: just a giant NO on the snakeskin affair.

Photos: PurePeople/Abaca/Svenskdam